Prior to transferring, I was a bit skeptical about transferring into a school that has a national reputation of being one of the most social universities in the country.
However, it didn't take too long for the skepticism to fade away. My first few weeks at this school taught me that the "party school" title isn't the only title UCSB has. It is also known to be an elite university and has a very distinguished academic reputation. I see the social life of Isla Vista as a reward for all the hard work I put in during the week. I am a motivated student, and I will put my best effort in order to succeed at UCSB, and the "fun" that comes with the transfer package is something that I am extremely grateful for, because the social life in Isla Vista distresses me, and rewards me for the efforts I make day in and day out. Therefore, I recommend that prospective transfer students in the future look at the social reputation of Isla Vista as a positive, rather than a flaw, because in my opinion, I couldn't stress more on the fact that this institution is perfectly balanced in every aspect, and you will have the time of your life here.

When I first moved in Isla Vista i also thought that the whole place in general was known for partying and polluting and just not caring about the enviromnent. While some of this is somewhat true, there is also much more to this great community. I could not have asked to go to a better school, and part of this is because of Isla Vista. It is a great community with all young people of our age that share the same interest and hobbies as we do. It is somewhere where pretty much everybody can fit in. All the people are friendly and while some may not care about their home, others do for them. There is always a little bit of bad in every good, but we cannot go without it. When transferring to UCSB make sure you see both sides of the life here and not just the social party side of it.
-Adrien Pakbaz