As a transfer student getting involved, is the most important thing to do. It’s good to get involved to meet new people and try new things while attending a new school. The best way to get involved is to become a part of a club. I joined the American Marketing club this quarter and loved it. This club is great club to join because you are able to meet more people to build connections with them that could help you for your future. They present internship opportunities and give you a chance to get involved in them. They also bring guest speakers from different fields and grad colleges to speak with the students. This club also has a huge marketing project that they send to a company to help them improve their marketing campaign and anyone in the club can be involved in this project. This year they did it on vitamin water. Overall, these different things that the club has to offer has made me want to be involved in the club especially all the internship opportunities they provide for us. I hope that after you read this you check out one of our club meetings.