The first week you are at Santa Barbara will probably feel a lot like summer camp, but as the weeks go on (at least in my case) you’re going to start missing your family. I now know why it’s called home sickness because around seven o’clock (when my parents used to get home) every time I heard someone walk up the stairs I would jump because I thought my parents were coming home. When I realized it wasn’t them I would feel sick to my stomach.
Just know that it’s completely normal, especially if this is your first time living away from home. It happens to a lot of people. I have a roommate who goes home every weekend because she doesn’t like to be away from her family. Also, my sister got it when she lived in Fresno and asked if she could come home. For me, it went away about a week before Thanksgiving break. However, if you’re really feeling down about it you can go to talk to someone about it in Counseling and Career Services.