As transfer students, most of us come from the semester system.
Here are some quick adjustment tips to the new quarter system

1. Do not procrastinate!
- Quarter System is only 10 weeks long so it goes by really fast which means you have to get your work done even faster and not leave it to last minute
2. Do not underestimate your work load
- At a university, the work load will drastically change...we are learning the same amount we would in a semester system except in a shorter amount of time so the work load will be a not take it lightly
3. Time Management
- Be organized and manage your time this will help you get your school work done on time with a stress free environment
4. Communicate with Teachers
- Bigger classrooms in your new quarter system can lead to less interaction with your professors, make sure to take advantage of their office hours it will help a lot in succeeding in your classes
5. Do not miss classes
- Keep in mind that the number of days in the quarter is significantly less that the semester, missing one day can be compared to missing a whole week of class in the semester system.
6. Set some time for yourself.
- remember to place yourself before any deadlines and work you have to do. If you need to step away from your work, do so. Don't step away too long though.
7. Visit with friends
-make sure to keep friends handy, and spend quality time with them. This will help you take your mind away from academic stressors.
8. Make sure you exercise regularly.
-Exercising is the a stress killer
9. Pay a visit to the tutoring center
-Tutors are there to help you, now more than ever. Take advantage.
10. Visit the career center when you get a chance
-They will help you focus on your goals in case you are not too sure as to where you want to go on you r academic endeavors.