Andrew Clark

Academic Advising
It's never too early to go see your academic advisor. They can offer the most aid in helping you map out your schedule for upcoming quarters and even the rest of your time here at UCSB. This past registration pass time I was stuck the day before trying to figure out how to fill my schedule. Lucky for me I was able to walk into my academic advisors office and have a quick session during which I mapped out the upcoming quarter as well as suggestions for future quarter.
I would say that there's never a bad time to see your advisor. Their job is to advise and they are experts in doing so. Don't try and rely on word of mouth or what you can find on the internet when it comes to planning your academic future. Any time you are uncertain about unit requirements, major requirements, what classes to take, make an appointment with your major advisor and they will be glad to help. Also, for more general questions you can see the academic advisors in Cheadle Hall and they should be able to answer most of your questions. Seeing your advisor will relieve a lot of stress when registration time comes so go see your advisor!
Below is the link to the academic advising website that has a few resources to get started with

In addition to the great resources that the Academic Advisors offer to student here at UCSB, they also off us wonderful opportunities. These opportunities include becoming a Peer Advisor. This entitles that a student will be trained to become able to advise his or her peers in the same academic major of themselves. If you are very pleased with your advising appointment, and even think that it may be something that interests you for your future career plans, checking out the Peer Programs at the advising offices would be a great first step! In addition, it is paid experience, and would be great to add to a resume. It would make you completely competitive for applying for any job!