The AS Food Bank seems to be a little known resource among transfer students. Since many of us are living on our own in apartments, healthy groceries are sometimes scarce because of lack of budgeting. However, the AS Food Bank is a resource on the third floor of the UCen that provides healthy food, free of cost, to students in need. To qualify for the service, you need to have an income of $14,000 a year or less, and this does not include your parents income. Many of us do qualify for this service, but it is only to be used as you feel necessary. The Food Bank provides fresh food in categories of fruits/ veggies, starch, soup, beans, breakfast, and miscellaneous. They also provide toiletries such as tampons and soap if needed. All different kinds of students use this service to get healthy food that they may not otherwise be able to afford. Do not feel embarrassed about going to the food bank either, the staff are friendly and there are always several students there who are in the same position as you! Stay healthy Gauchos!