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A Healthy Transition for Your New Goals and Ambitions


Hello fellow UCSB transfers and first years, here are some tips for a healthy transition to your new life’s mission. The following paragraphs will give you some tips to get around safe and sound on the UCSB bike path, knowledge for college to aid you towards your academic success, direction for unity in our community, some recreation advice from the recreation station, and free events to save you cents.

1) Getting Around, Safe and Sound

While at UCSB you will spend a lot of time on your bike and it is essential that you know some basic tips to keep you safe. These include; Blink faster, watch out for intersections, beware of the cracks, be safe while exiting bike parking, watch for pedestrians, aggressive riders, traffic, and don’t forget to hold your horses and stop at stop signs. The UCSB bike path is a very dangerous place and it is important that you pay attention to all of the variables that I have presented. Blink faster ties into being aware of what is happening at all times. While on the bike path there are constant changing variables and you must always pay attention. When you are approaching intersections this is really important and you must be sure to follow the lines and read all of the traffic that is approaching the circle. Additionally, the bike path is not very well maintained and you have to watch out for all of the cracks and dips that come up constantly. Also be sure to look twice before exiting just as your mom said when you were younger while crossing the street. Keep in mind that pedestrians are unpredictable always assuming that they are going to walk in front of you. Also do not forget to leave space for the aggressive riders if you are not careful they will cause an accident. While in traffic leave a lot of space and just sit back and watch people run into each other, and lastly be sure to stop at stop signs. If you follow these tips you will avoid the embarrassment of falling and the pain from the bumps and bruises. Best of luck to you, it’s dangerous out there!

Also, safety is vital in Isla Vista because there is so much going on all the time. We’d like to remind you of a few rules. Don’t walk around with red cups or sit on curbs, and always have a buddy with you at all times. If you need an escort, there are CSO’s that can walk you back without writing you up. If you need a designated driver to go downtown, Bill’s Bus is available. This will take you back and forth from downtown Santa Barbara for only ten dollars.

2) Knowledge for College

As you adjust to a new curriculum, you mind find yourself struggling with your classes. That is why it is important that you visit CLAS (Campus Learning Assistance Services), attend your professor and TA’s office hours regularly, and make an appointment with academic advisors at least once a quarter. CLAS services are offered in the Student Resource Building (SRB), and they offer specific course tutorial groups, academic skills workshops, and writing services. All services for CLAS are free to UCSB students, but make sure you sign up for these programs ahead of time because space is always limited. It is also crucial as a new student to visit your professors and TA’s during office hours in order to achieve academic success. This visitations are the perfect opportunity for you ask any questions you might have about the course material, and you can even ask them to revise papers before they’re due. My last piece of advice to help you get better grades would be to schedule academic advising appointments at least once a quarter. In these appointments, advisors can help you build your schedule, check your graduation requirements, help you file a course petition, and help you change or choose a major. The transition to a new campus can be academically challenging, but using the right resources will alleviate your stress and help you be more successful.

3) Unity in the Community

It’s important to stay involved in school for your positive experience at UCSB. There are several community service opportunities that can help you become a step closer to your path, or just help the community in general. From the Breakfast Club, where you feed the homeless in IV in the morning, to Best Buddies, where you are paired up with a child with mental disabilities to hang out with. You can get involved with clubs on campus too. OrgSync has every single official club or organization registered at UCSB through the Office of Student Life. Excursion club is an example of a great club that lets you have fun in the outdoors and socialize. Greek life may also be an interest of yours. There’s social, career-specific, multicultural, and religious sororities and fraternities. There are tons of ways to get involved, and its healthy to have fun and study hard.

4) Recreation Station

The Student Recreation Center and the programs they provide, is another healthy resource for transfer students to use. The UCSB recreation center remains to be one of the most popular spots on campus, containing everything a student could ever want for athletic fitness. The area provides all sorts of amenities for students to have a healthy and fun workout experience. Intramural sports and the adventure program are two additional programs that the recreation center provides. Through intramural sports, students have the opportunity to compete with organized teams in a wide range of sports. The program separates all players into skill level divisions so that all skill levels can participate. For others students who like the outdoors, the UCSB adventure program would be another great thing to check out. In this program students can hike, rock-climb, and kayak in the beautiful Santa Barbara environment. Overall, these programs give transfer students a great opportunity venture out and meet new people.

The Rec Cen has numerous pools and even several buildings. On top of having the typical treadmills, ellipticals, and free weights, there are also basketball courts, a hokey rink, rock climbing walls, and racket ball courts. If is terribly important to stay active and healthy and the Rec Cen provides something for everyone's taste in exercise!

5) Free Events to Save You Cents
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Art
  • Hiking
Movies: Free Movie Tuesday at I.V Theater put on the Associated Students. Check the A.S Board web sites for scheduling.
Music: the A.S Board also puts on free music. These events take place in Storke Plaza and The Hub. Check the A.S Board web sites for scheduling.
Art: There are several free art events to attend.
- University Art Museum
- Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show
- Santa Barbara Museum of Art
- Multi-Cultural Center
University Art Museum-

Located at the University Center right here on campus. There you will find…
Santa Barbara Arts and Crafts Show- Every Sunday on the beach at the end of State Street. Here you will find a gathering of tens and sometimes hundreds of artists. At this show you will find arts and crafts that any patron can enjoy.
Santa Barbara Museum of Art- Every Sunday this museum is free for students. This museum is filled with various types of art. From modern photography to Ancient Oriental, anyone who appreciates art will be impressed.
Multi -Cultural Center- Stop by the Multi-Cultural Center to pick up a quarterly schedule. This schedule will be filled with a diverse set of performances including lives dances, music, and cultural speeches.
There are a plethora of places in Santa Barbara to enjoy the outdoors.
provides a multitude of interesting and fun hikes in and around the Santa Barbara area that allow for a day of fun activity and leisure.

Personally, my favorite hike is the adventure to the Gaviota Wind Caves.The 2.5 mile hike is the perfect distance, its right off of the 101, and at the end you get to see the wind carved tunnels with a beautiful ocean view!

If you prefer a shorter hike, make sure to check out Nojoqui falls. After walking only .65 miles, you will be greeted with a gigatic 80 foot tall fern-lined waterfall. Its the perfect place to take a date!

Do not be intimidated by Inspiration Point's 7.7 miles because it is a great hike! Once at the top, there is a panoramic view of Santa Barbara that is breath taking. I definitely recommend that everyone who attends UCSB do this hike at least once in their college career!

**<span style="font-family: "Times New Roman"; font-size: 16px;">Hikes:</span>**<span style="font-family: "Times New Roman"; font-size: 16px;"> will have all you need to know about hiking in this area. The hikes are split up by location and have an in depth description including but not limited to difficulty, scenery, photographs, and comments.</span>