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Welcome to the Transfer Student Wiki at UC Santa Barbara! The purpose of this resource is to provide useful, and informative content that will help Transfer Gauchos make it to graduation and collect great experiences and memories along the way.

This Wiki was started in January, 2011 as a class project for EDUCATION 118, a university success class offered by the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education and the Division of Student Affairs. This is a document that will never be complete; rather, it will evolve with the rules, policies, and opportunities available to students at UCSB. Faculty, staff, students, parents, and alumni are all welcome to join in to contribute to the Transfer Wiki. UCSB is your campus and we need your insights and guidance to help others as they arrive, get adjusted, and ultimately give back to UCSB.

Directory of Contents
You can help fill out this directory by categorizing more of the pages on the wiki!

Academic Information

Advice for academic success.

Student Activities

Hobbies, clubs, and fun things to get involved in.

Delicious Food

Restaurants and grocery stores nearby.

Transportation Tips

How to get around!

Being Healthy

Practical Advice