Andrea Ayad

As transfers, one of the biggest adjustments I hear my fellow transfers talking about is the transition from a semester system to a quarter system. Most of us have complained that we struggle to find the time to do everything but....
Did you know we all have 168 hours in our week? So what, right? Well I recently went through an interview process for an internship and my interviewer brought this to my attention. As students (if you're taking 16-18 units and spending equal hours in the classroom as you are studying) really only use 100 hours per week on the necessities, such as going to class, studying, doing chores (laundry, dishes, etc), showering, eating, etc. That pretty much leaves us with 68 extra hours a week!! (Maybe even extra if you're taking less than 16-18 units). Some of us use these hours for exercise, partying, clubs, working, etc, but the point is that 68 hours is A LOT. My interviewer actually did a little test run on herself and realized she was spending a ridiculous amount of hours partying, watching netflix, etc. When she realized that she actually took on 2 jobs besides her internship, along with being the president of her sorority, and double majoring. She drover herself crazy but the moral of the story is that we actually DO have time do everything we want! A tip she gave me was to split up those 68 hours into 34 personal hours, and 34 hours for work or other things.

I think everyone should know about this! I feel like it's kind of a life hack, we actually have 68 hours of nonproductivity that we never thought we had!