Education 118 is a four-unit upper division class offered to UCSB transfer students and juniors every year. In 2014-15, the course will be offered in the fall. ED-118 has a weekly lecture (often with guests from the campus) and a weekly discussion section facilitated by volunteer staff and student co-leaders.

Weekly lecture will help you learn more useful study skills, network with tons of guest speakers, and be able to enjoy more thoroughly your transfer experience! Everything covered in the course is meant to help out transfer students at UCSB.

Weekly discussion section will give you time to share your thoughts and discuss about lectures and assignments with your classmates who are also transfer students.Your section leader and student co-leader will help you understand more about lectures and how to do assignments.

You will have weekly writing assignment, but every writing assignment will help you develop your academic level at UCSB.

This class offers more than just the basic needs of a transfer student, it thoroughly goes into depth of all challenges a student may encounter and provides helpful solutions to overcome the problem. As a student that has taken the course, I would recommend all transfers to take the course and embrace the insight your co-leaders and teacher can offer.

Throughout ED 118 lectures, discussions, and assignments, transfer students learn about a vast array of campus resources. I can imagine that the surplus of knowledge offered by this course would be challenging to find as a transfer without taking the class. The weekly discussion sections are versatile and informative with activities ranging from discovering areas of campus (such as the Labyrinth) to taking self-assessment quizzes. More importantly, during the discussion section, you and your fellow classmates are encouraged to engage and get to know each other. I found this to be largely beneficial in both gaining friendships and furthering knowledge about the resources offered on campus by learning from each other. I found that simply being apart of the class helped me find comfort knowing there is a large amount of other students in the same position. Initially, transferring can be a difficult and lonely process, but in actuality, there are a vast amount of resources to help you adjust and get involved. Ultimately, ED 118 is an invaluable class for transfer students that showcases the expansive amount of resources UCSB provides for traditional and transfer students alike.

In addition to the benefits of this class, which incorporates and exciting and fresh lecture with guest speakers and panel reviews, the course section is very interactive and helpful as well. There are two section leaders per class. I had an experience as a transfer student in Ed. 118. My section leaders were around the same age as me, and were transfers at UCSB as well. It was nice to have the voice and opinion of these people because I felt like they could relate directly to all of the questions and concerns I had as a new student entering the fast pace quarter system. Sometimes it is hard to obtain information such as which classes to take, or which professor uses various teaching and testing methods, from the counselors in your major department. Getting the feedback of these qualified peers can make all the difference. In section, students are able to discuss and respond to all of the points that were addressed in the lecture. Most of the time, the content and reading assigned to the lecture relate to strategies to succeed in the transfer process, statistics in regards to the benefits of being a transfer student, and ways that transfer students would like to help other transfer students. Also, many of the resources provided for transfer students and regular students alike such as the wellness center, tutoring hours, and life after graduation advising in the career center are discussed and analyzed for better clarity. My section leaders incorporated ice breakers and fun power point presentations to create a more inviting and interactive environment. This particular section gives transfer students the chance to meet other transfer students like themselves, and share similar experiences. This class not only gives transfer students a community, but a sense of belonging in a school where it is easy to get caught up in feeling alone. UCSB has a huge campus, and until transfer students have managed to make friends and get a sense of who they want to be at UCSB, Ed. 118 is a great place to start and discover just that